60 years of stephen ludger lapeyrouse (1952- ) - prepared by joined efforts of sl and st

1. childhood and youth

stephen's parents ca. 1950

a first peek

in later years i came to hate ties, bow or no

dancing with mom, ca. 1958

ca. 1962, before plane crash (march 1965)


2. high school years

young innocent teen, ~14

high school graduation year, (dress up like a) "hippie party" with friends

Cadet Captain Stephen Ludger Lapeyrouse, Commander C Company, 1971

the commander

1st platoon, C company

3. away from home - university years (b.a.: tuscaloosa, al., durham, n.c., tuscaloosa; m.a.: antioch university abroad, germany, switzerland)

too studious to be a hippie

berkeley hills, california ca. 1983, with m.a. degree, serious independent studies

oslo. ca. 1983, photo by closest friend

garage studio, aptos, california, ca. 1985-1989

santa cruz, ca. 1989

what I gave up to move to Russia: two-man beach volleyball (and good chocolate chip cookies!)

last US home, hexagonal rental apartment, in redwood grove, bonny doon, california

board notes of last lecture in US, 1994, santa cruz waldorf school

hamburg, germany with close german friend, en route california to russia, july 1994

4. first years living in russia

moscow 1995 in italian winter coat

1995 in warm russian coat and hat

after 14 years as a vegetarian in california, moscow life...

departing peter for moscow, photo in hand is of a very sour-looking russian orthodox archimandrite. the photo upside down so he is smiling too!

article with friend, translator, now living in north carolina

newspaper "english" editorial staff, from 1995 -

5. travels during russian time

ca. 2000

avacha, khamchatka, ca. 2002


samarkand, april 2007

ca. 2008

maha bodhi temple, bodhgaya, india, Jan. 9, 2009

surprisingly "moving" place, april 2012

july 2012

6. ele years

pic in moscow news article

starting the ORDEAL for a permanent residence permit

nice tie!

hosting a poorly-attended ele on topic russians and democracy

part of the christmas party crowd, 2011

with family in mobile after a great meal at ruth's chris steak house

photographer sergei tarasov requires hands in photos

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